BELLEROSE LIGHT (TrueType) Version 1.0
©1992 by James M. Harris. All rights reserved.

BELLEROSE is an art deco TrueType-compatible display typeface based on Capone. This font has uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, and foreign accent characters. It was created entirely with LetrasetŐs FontStudio 2.0. No autotracing was used. The font was completely rendered by hand. There are over 10,000 kerning pairs! I know this sounds like overkill, but FontStudio automatically created the pairs, and unlike most other commercial typefaces, all foreign accent characters are kerned with everything else, making the font complete even for overseas use. Because of this incredible amount of kerning pairs, I have not included the AFM file because it is 193k. This is our first release in almost a year. Other fonts we've created are Andesite, Kastellar, Mazama, Premium Thin, and Rhyolite.

THIS FONT IS SHAREWARE !----------------------------
I am asking only $15 for BELLEROSE, with a free 10-day trial period to test it out and see if you like it. If you keep it any longer than 10 days you will feel guilty and send in your $15, right? In exchange, you will be a licensed user and you can freely download any updates off of the on-line services or BBSs. Not a bad deal, eh?

I can be reached via e-mail on:

America On-Line (frequently): JHarris57
Compuserve (infrequently): 76307,470

SEND SHAREWARE PAYMENT TO: ------------------------

James M. Harris
P.O. Box 377
Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0377
(make checks payable to James M. Harris)

BELLEROSE may be freely distributed as long as the following conditions are met: the font must not be modified/changed/altered in any way, and this READ ME--BELLEROSE file must be included. Companies that distribute shareware and public domain programs on disks (i.e. Educorp and BMUG) must get permission in writing before including this typeface or its accompanying files.