Saiyan-Sans Font - PC Version

Freeware Font by Ben Palmer,

Saiyan-Sans Left Oblique.ttf
Saiyan-Sans Right Oblique.ttf
dbz.png - A visual guide for DBZ-like implementation

Thanks for downloading this font. I built it after not being
able to find a Dragonball Z font anywhere on the web, so from
the logo I just kinda tried to follow Akira Toriyama's style
for the other letters.


If you are using it for doing DBZ like headers, these are the
rules I have figured out

<----------- O ------------>

Use the Left Oblique for the left hand side of the Dragonball
(letter o) and Right Oblique for the right hand side.

If you distribute this please just like to my website, othewise
have fun and I hope you like.