1. THEBOMB.TTF (MS Windows typeface, based on the shapes of my Photoshop Brushes).
2. Instructions.txt (this file).
3. License.txt (end user license, read carefully!)
4. Gabriele Magurno website.url (internet shortcut to my website).


Copy "THEBOMB.TTF" inside your "\Windows\Fonts\" folder, then reboot your computer if needed. The font will appear inside the list when you will open your favorite program.


NOTE#1: This product is provided *AS IS*. There's no support and/or refund. Please, if you plan to redistribute the font, keep the original package intact, with all the included files, and ask me before, thanks. Commercial purposes are not allowed, for all and/or part of the included files.

NOTE#2: MAC/Linux users, please use a font converter if you plan to install "THEBOMB.ttf" to your system.

NOTE#3: Thanks to all the people around the world who supports my work! :-)