BorderPic's is an incredible font. It takes only 30K of memory yet
allows you to create literally hindreds of different horizontal
borders in your document merely by changing the font! From
footprints to chains to all sorts of zigs and zags, you can
combine the keystrokes to form many different fun or formal
borders. Chnge the following section to BorderPics to see what
it looks like. I recommend changing the font size to at least
20 points.

BBBBBC BC C DDDDE DE E FGGGGG FFFFFFF IIII JJJJJJ KKKKKKKK LLLL MMMMMM NNNNNNNN PPPPP QRQRQR STSTST VVVVVVV WWWWWWW XYYYYZ abbbbbb aaaaaaaa c c c c d d d d d cdcdcdcdcdcdcdcd eee ffff efefefe ghghghghg jiiiiiij kllllm nnnooononononon pppp qqqq pqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqp rrrr tttttt uuuuuu vvvvvv wxxxxxxx zzzzzzzz !!!!!!!% @@@@^ ######% $$$$$^ !@#$*& 12323145456767676171171131234111411511411 8899 898 89898989898 000000 -=-=-=[][][][][] [[[[]]]] ;;;;; '''' ,.,.,.,,,,.... ...,,, /////////// A

Now that you have seen what it can do let me tell you more about
the font. It is freeware and may be distributed UNALTERED for free.
I, Raffi Kojian hold the copyright however and reserve all rights.
Do not alter the font without written permission from myself.
Do not redistribute font without this file.

This font is dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide,
which explains the TURKEY=GENOCIDE appearing several times in the
font. The Turkish government murdered over half its Armenian
citizens and expelled almost all of the rest from the land which
they had continually inhabited for 3 thousand years. This is one
of the darkest chapters in human history and should never be forgotten.

My e-mail is currently and my homepage is
currently where you can find more
info on the Armenian Genocide if you wish.