Macintosh & Windows TrueType.

DriftType Genesis . . .
This font is not of my own design. I created it from an old sampler sheet I found at work. It looks good though.

Not firing all cylinders . . .
Uppercase & Lowercase chars are all caps. No numbers, and a little punctuation. Best used at high point sizes above 36pt.

Oops !
This font is far from perfect, so if you do use it and it doesn't print correctly, try turning the text to outlines in Illustrator/Corel etc. So don't bug me if it doesn't print properly, after all it's free !!!

Installation . . .
Easy. For Macintosh, just drag the suitcase to the System folder and that's it. Windows users, copy the .TTF file to C:\Windows\Fonts folder and I think thats it.

One last thing . . .
Because when you double click the DriftType (Mac) file in the suitcase it only previews up to 18pt. And this is no way to see the font at itŐs best (unless you install it of course!). I've also included a sample GIF as well (Mac & Windows).

Paul Reid,
October '97.

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