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1991 Lawrence Olliffe

RusskijModern is a Type One PostScript cyrillic font. It is excellent for titles, posters, signs, invitations, logoswherever there is a need for a bold message. Also, because it is so bold to begin with, using BOLD formatting is a bit overbearing. At small sizes, it can sometimes be difficult to see well on the screen, but prints out just fine. It is based on a partial font set found in an Art Nouveau ("Modern" in Russian) monograph printed in 1903 It is copyrighted by Lawrence Olliffe, and is NOT free. As you will notice (although I hated to do it this way), I only included a majuscule (capital) set, the full set being available once you register. I put many hours into creating this because I wanted to offer a choice to people that use cyrillic fonts. I do not know about you, but I have found it very difficult to find even one decent cyrillic PostScript font at price that did not require a loan.

RusskijModern is being released by Lawrence Olliffe as a "shareware" typeface in an effort to determine if a market exists (I realize it will probably be a rather small market) for new and inexpensive cyrillic postscript typefaces. If you like/use it and would like to keep it, send your name, address, comments, and $20.00 (US or Canadian) check or money order to:

Lawrence Olliffe
401 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90401

Your $20 will entitle you to a full set of characters, numbers, and punctuation; a printed keyboard map; use (or abuse) of this font; notification of any modifications or upgrades (which will be free to REGISTERED owners); notification of future typefaces.

It is compatible with Adobe Type Manager 2.0 (and very well may be with earlier versions, but that is the only version that I have, so it is the only version that I could test), MS Word, Suitcase II, Excel, and WordPerfect. I have used it on a Mac portable, SE, SE/30, LC and a IIsi. It prints best on a LaserWriter, but the quality when used with ATM on an ImageWriter turned out surprisingly well. Unfortunately, I have not been able to try it on a Lino or other higher resolution imagesetting device, so use at your own risk. I would be interested to hear the results if someone is venturesome and has such access.

You may copy this typeface and give it to others (as shareware), but YOU MUST include ALL the files in the package (downloadable font, AFM file, bitmap, and especially this text file). If you don't like it or don't want it, then erase it or give it away; don't keep it if you don't pay! If you have any comments about the font or other inexpensive cyrillic fonts, let me know by writing to the above address; or through Compuserve @ 76077,73 (please address me specifically). Let me know what you think.

The screen fonts include bitmaps for 10, 12, 18, 24, and 36 point sizes (due to the boldness of the face, very small sizes [below 6pt.] may be hard to read). The AFM file for the face is included for those programs needing it. Complete instructions for using RusskijModern are listed below.

To "permanently" download this font to the LaserWriter the only methods that I have used are through Apple's LW Font Utility, LaserStatus (an additional DA that comes with another DA called DiskTop), and Adobe's font downloader. With some fonts the Adobe font downloader won't function properly, but I have not had any problems with this (I am using version 4.0), and I have the added difficulty of having to go through a BridgePort.


You should have 4 files:
this text file ("Read Me - RusskijModern")
the bitmap font file ("RusskijModern.bmap")
the downloadable Postscript font file ("RusskMod")
the font AFM (Adobe Font Metrics) file ("RusskijModern.AFM")
First install the bitmap font in your system using Apple's Font/DA Mover (version 3.8 or later) or another utility such as Suitcase II. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure, please consult your manual.

Next install the Postscript font in your System folder:
Drag the Postscript font file (the icon of a LaserWriter with a sheet of paper above it) into your System folder (which should contain the System file you just installed the bitmaps in). The printing software always looks in the System folder first when it needs a font for downloading; if it is not there, it checks the folder containing the application that you are printing from. You should keep all of your downloadable Postscript fonts in your System folder to avoid the confusion of scattering fonts all over your disk(s).

N.B. If you are using Suitcase II and "suitcasing" your fonts, and you do not want to clutter your System folder, font files (both the bitmaps and the PostScript files) can be kept in a separate folder. As long as they (the bmaps and PS files) are kept in the same folder the system can still easily find them. However, if you do decide to do this, it is still best to keep all of your font resources in one folder.

That's it. Your copy of RusskijModern should be ready to use as you would any other Postscript font .
* * AFM Files describe a standard interchange format for communicating font metric information between programs and machines. Most Macintosh programs will have no need (or use) for AFMs if you do need them, your program's documentation should tell you so. Otherwise, you really won't need the AFM file (but please give it to anyone else you might give this font to).
* * To remove RusskijModern from your System, use Font/DA Mover to remove the font(s) from your System file (or close the suitcase if using Suitcase II), and drag the postscript font out of your System folder. If you have any problems with installing or removing bitmap fonts, consult your Macintosh and/or LaserWriter manual for more information. If you have any problems with the typeface itself, contact the address above for more info.

The keyboard mapping used is based on the AATSEEL student version. I have seen several maps with this label and have found very slight variations between them. I have chosen the one with the "reversed eh" on the tilda/accent grave (~)/(`) key and the "yo" on the vertical line/backslash (|)/(\) key. Other than that, I have found most of these mappings to be the same. If you register and would like these positions switched, or if you would like it mapped out as a soviet keyboard, please let me know. Also, I would be happy to add additional characters (Imperial (old orthography), Ukrainian, Serbian, etc.). I am always tweeking and trying to find ways to improve the product, so any comments are welcome. One drawback is that this font is dependant on the program that you are using to determine the rules for sorting. So, if you run sort in Word for example, 'v' (veh) which is the third letter in the Russian alphabet will end up towards the end of the list where the English 'v' (vee) would be.

I hope you enjoy working with "RusskijModern".

This font is not in the public domain, it is shareware, and no rights are released by Lawrence Olliffe. It may be copied and non-commercially distributed only if ALL files are included unmodified. Upon receipt of user's shareware fee, the author (L. Olliffe) grants a nonexclusive license for that single registered user to use this product. Multiple or corporate users should contact the author for more information regarding multi-user agreements. THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE SOLD, BARTERED, OR OTHERWISE EXCHANGED FOR GAIN WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION OF LAWRENCE OLLIFFE. In no event shall Lawrence Olliffe be liable to a user for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages in any way relating to the use, or rising out of the use, of this product. My liability shall in no event exceed the total amount of the license fee actually paid by the customer for the use of this product. E-gads, all of these conditions and disclaimers are really tedious, but I hope that I covered everything and that you are pleased with the product.

(Here is a sample of the font, which should appear once the font is installed.)
Russkij alfavit

Also, for a more classic look try the file RUSSOPEN.SIT
ue of the font, which should appear once the font is installed.)
Russkij alfavit
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