EileenCaps and EileenCaps-Black are two related DropCaps fonts drawn in an elegant and complex Art Nouveau style. A complete alphabet is available in each font, although the 'V' and 'U' look a lot alike (but are different). All the characters are Uncial characters decorated with vines and leaves and other greenery. The characters of EileenCaps are all surrounded by a black box and are drawn in white over that box; the characters of EileenCaps-Black are the same as in EileenCaps with the boxes cut out -- which means the characters and vinery are black. Only an alphabet of capital letters is in this font.At 300 dots per inch, don't print at sizes below around 72 points. The detail is very fine and subtle. Since the characters are extremely complex, they will likely cause slow printing times when used, and in some cases memory situations will make them unprintable. In such cases, there is nothing that can be done short of massive memory infusions in the CPU or printer. I do not know if these characters are too complex to be printed on a Linotronic.EileenCaps and EileenCapsBlack are copyright (c) 1992 by David Rakowski, their creator (insert maniacal laugh here). They are distributed as shareware. You can keep copies for yourself and try them out, but if you keep them, use them, adore them, or even worship them, please make a tax-deductible contribution of $7.50 to Columbia University Music Department. The money goes into a fund that pays for performances of music composed by Columbia University students. Make your check payable to Columbia University and send it to Cynthia Lemiesz, Music Department, 703 Dodge Hall, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. With your check you may enclose a postcard with a picture that is mostly blue and includes the phrase "..but that's wallpaper under the bridge..." somewhere in an otherwise chatty paragraph.You may give EileenCaps and EileenCapsBlack to your friends on disk, providing you include BOTH fonts, as well as the file you are now reading. User groups and nonprofit organizations may include both fonts on disks for which they charge nominally, with the above stipulations. For-profit organizations and shareware/public domain outlets are specifically prohibited from including these fonts on any disk for which they charge money or distribute otherwise.EileenCaps and EileenCapsBlack are named after the person of and the altruism of Eileen Wharmby. They were made at Insect Bytes, where for some reason we've found we just can't stop doing whatever it is we're doing. But I digress.