The coputer font Landmark is 1998 Harold Lohner.

Starting with a small slip of old letterhead,
I made this font to match.

It's taken on a character of its own. The upper case
may be used alone, or you may substitute a second
form of most letters located at the lower case position.
Use your character map utility to locate additional alternate
characters, ligatures, etc.

Landmark is shareware. Shareware is not free. It's the
honor system, though, and you only owe me a bit. Install
and play with this font to your heart's content. If you
choose to keep it, to work with it, to use it in print or
digital publications, I expect to get your $5 in the mail.
Send to Harold Lohner, 821 Park Avenue, Albany, NY 12208 USA.

If I get your $5, I promise I'll send you something else.
So why steal from an artist?

And let me know what you do with this!

Harold Lohner