aprilskies.txtcDcDaprilskies.txtLo TEXTBOBOFcDcDaThanks for your interest in this AprilSkies font. This version is copyright 1999, AprilSkies. However, you have downloaded a free version of the font. This version may contain less characters than the full version which is available for sale at http://www.aprilskies.com/type/type.html (in some cases this is the only version available).

This font may NOT be reverse engineered, decompiled, or converted into a different format without express written consent of AprilSkies. You may not include this font in any shareware archive either online or on portable media (CD or diskette) without including all the files contained in the approved distribution file (which can only be found at the URL listed above.)

If you have any questions or comments regarding AprilSkies fonts, please send an email to cruSh@aprilskies.com.

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