(Sorry for the hassle of the following paragraphs, but I must make all my customers read this or I'll get trampled eventually. If you have a problem with this text, do not download the fonts)

Please read through this entire page. This document contains the license agreement for use of fonts created and sold by Don Synstelien DBA Synstelien Design and the user(s) or purchaser(s) of said fonts. In this document the term "font programs" refers to any program or piece of code or computer information containing data that can be used to output letterforms or designs to some form of printer or display device currently known or unknown.

The only intended use of these font programs is for the output, by various devices, of letterform designs or art designs contained within the information of the font program. You do not have the right to redistribute or resell these programs in any way. Should it be determined by inspection that your copy is possessed illegally by another entity then you will be held liable for damages.

Should you place this font onto any on-line service, bulletin board or by any other means cause it to be distributed as a usable font file then you are subject to a U.S. 10,000.00 redistribution fee. By downloading this font you are agreeing to this fee. This includes embedding this font into a document format such as Adobe Acrobat or any type of web font embedding known or unknown. You are allowed to use the font to produce bitmapped graphic files as for use in these documents as this does not distribute the file as a usable font.

You do not have the right to use these font programs to create other derivative works that can be used as font programs themselves, nor do you have the right to sell these font programs or resell these font programs in any way. You are not permitted to re-license these font programs in any way. Nor are you allowed to redistribute these font programs in any way. You do not have the right to open these fonts in a font creation program or software and use that program to recreate a new font using this font as the starting point.

By your acceptance of this agreement, shown by downloading the attached fonts, you agree that should any font or font program or new font design which is determined by industry specialists to have been created using one of these fonts presented for download as a reference or a starting point be created by you or by those under your employ or under your hire or contract or as a favor or task shall be the property of Synstelien Design and all profits from said program or font design shall be transferred to Synstelien Design.
All designs included in these font programs and the font programs themselves are copyright 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 by Don Synstelien, all rights reserved.