Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions frequently asked about our fonts, and the answers
we where able to come up at the time. You may also want to read the
answers, even if you experienced no problem with the present font. As a
matter of fact, we have come up with some solutions of our own, which may
help you get better results with all your fonts. This list of questions
and answers will be regularly updated, in order to spare as much as
possible aggravation for our customers. After reading them, please
contact us, if anything was still bothering you. We will do what we can
to help you the best way we can. Thank-you for all your reports.

Q: How do I install TrueType fonts under Windows ?

A : Open the "Fonts" control pannel, and click "Add". Then, look for the
font files (extension *.TTF) where you copied or unpacked them. Select
them, and click OK. You may install several fonts at the same time,
simply by selecting them. Windows 95 requires a slightly different
procedure. Open the "Fonts" folder you will find in the Control Panel
located within "My Computer" icon. Then, simply copy the TrueType font
into it.

Q : I do not find the *.FOT files to install the *.TTF TrueType fonts.

A : this type of file is generated by Windows 3.xx when a new font is
installed. In other words, if you use the correct Control Panel procedure
to install a new *.TTF file, Windows 3.xx will automatically create the
corresponding *.FOT file. Windows 95 does not use this type of file at
all, and directly takes advantage of *.TTF fonts.

Q: How do I install PostScript fonts under Windows ?

A : PostScript fonts come with the extension *.PFB and *.PFM, one of each
for each font. In order to use them, you first must install Adobe Type
Manager (ATM) for Windows. Then, copy *.PFB files in the WINDOWS\PSFONTS
directory, and the *.PFM in the WINDOWS\PSFONTS\PFM directory. Then, use
the ATM control panel to install the fonts. PostScript fonts offer lots
of advantages over their TrueType Windows counterpart, as kerning and
more precise printing. If you are serious about desktop publishing, you
may want to acquire ATM Windows. This install process may have changed
with newer versions of ATM. please refer to the manual of that utility
for more details.

Q : Some complex characters do not display normaly with ATM fonts

A : This phenomenon has been reported most often when ATM Type 1 fonts of
complex character shapes are used with Windows 95. The characters appear
on top of each other, and are difficult to read on the screen. They do
print perfectly, though. The only way we have found to circumvent this
glitch seems to be to first enter the text in a simpler shaped font, for
instance Arial, and after entries have been verified, select the text you
want, and bring it to the desired font and attributes.

Q: Why are you placing so much documentation in your archives, they become huge and cost a fortune to download ?

A: Sorry for the inconvenience, BUT... As you know, the font you have now
at your disposal for FREE evaluation is provided to you by Match
Software WITHOUT ANY CHARGE. As a matter of fact, when some other
software houses ask you to pay up front for any of their fonts, we give
this one away for your enjoyment, hoping it's originality and quality
will prompt you to acquire usage licensing, and buy other fonts along
the way. Our only hope for any reward for the tremendous time and
efforts it took to create a font is entirely contained in the promotion
material we include in this archive. How are you going to know the
beautiful fonts we created for you at a very low price, if we do not
include our "Incredible font deal" file, with all the pictures of these
fonts ? Do you really think anyone would register simply because we ask?
No, of course not. We do not get a penny from any of our distributors.
On-line services do charge you to provide shareware, but we never see
the money they take t sell our creations. They even charge us for
on-line access to their services. Shareware vendors may make fortunes on
our back with all sorts of CDs and other great packages, we do not see
the colour of any of these sales. Magazines may boost their sales like
mad and millions using our shareware packages, they never reward
shareware authors, let alone with a petty free subscription to their
magazines. So, if you still really feel our archives are too big, we are
terribly sorry, but if you really appreciate shareware, you must
understand that authors deserve their share of the wares, and the only
way we have to sell anything, after vendors have been collecting upfront
all sorts of fees, is to promote registration. If authors never got any
registrations, it would mean no doubts no new shareware in a very short
time. Shareware is very much like PBS stations : if you want
independant creation, you might as well pledge for it, and accept some
advertisement from the sponsors ! On the other hand, we try to provide
as much information and support as we can into these archives, as any
good software publisher would do in his box. Nobody would ever complain
to get too complete a user's manual. And actually, a documentation such
as the one your are in the process of reading could be very useful for
other fonts as well. Do not hesitate to report tips and tricks we can
add to this helpful document. They will benefit all. Thank-you for your

Q : Under Windows, some characters of a given font do not print at all
sizes, or show only on screen, or the opposite. This happens most often
with complex fonts, such as DinosoType, Bujardet Vignettes of Nahkt
Hieroglyphs. Some characters print as squares, when they appear fine on
the screen, or the opposite, or both. It happens most often when the
output is to be made on a dot-matrix printer, would it be impact or
ink-jet. It does happen, sometimes, though, with laser printers, as well.

A : The problem seems to reside within Windows itself, and the way
TrueType is handled. We where unable to get any explanation from
Microsoft which could help us understand how to solve the problem.
However, as in general this type of fonts are most used on isolated basis
(letterheads, titles, etc.), it is possible to use another approach :
- Create a new document under Windows Paint
- With the TEXT tool, enter the appropriate message
- Copy the image, and paste it into your word processor or desktop
publishing software. Of course, if you use more sophisticated tools than
Windows Paint, like Corel Draw on the PC, the result may be better.
Although TrueType fonts may pose this problem, PostScript Type 1, even
extremely complex, do display and work perfectly under Windows with Adobe
Type Manager (ATM). If you want do do any type of serious desktop
publishing, we strongly recommend you use ATM and PostScript fonts.

Q : I do not find the promised accented characters. They are not
available through my regular keyboard. Why is that ?

A : For historical reasons, as computers originated in America, and also
because no one at the beginning thought of using electronic calculators
to write poems, invitations or books, the ASCII standard did not support
accented characters. Then, as more and more aborigines from France like
Michel Bujardet, or other remote picturesque small countries, started to
trade their usual goose quill for more modern means, they asked for
accents. And also for their own weird keyboards. Use the Character Map
applet to select the proper characters, and find out the proper key
combinations. If you still have the Windows installation disks, you may
want to install the "US-International" keyboard driver, which offers a
wealth of extended characters, when you press a key in conjunction with
the Alt key. Our font packs, though, come with all the necessary data
entry tools to facilitate access to foreign characters (keyboard
remapping, bilingual entry, etc.).

Q : I need a font in a language not yet available.

A : Creating fonts for new languages is not only challenging, it is also
culturally very rewarding, very inspiring. We do not always know the
language you plan to use. But if you provide us with the proper
information, we will use it to create a new font. It is fairly simple :
we only need the best representation of the alphabet, character by
characters, and eventually it's pronounciation, if it is not a Roman set
of letters (Japanese, for instance, or Russian are in that case). Call us
for more details.

Q : I want a font made according to my specifications.

A : If you already have a printout of the desired font, or any graphic
representation that we can use to draw the characters, our regular price
for designing a new font is very reasonable. If you want a creation from
scratch, it will be more difficult. Please call us for a quotation.

Q : How can I obtain a printout of all of your fonts ?

A : Just send us your complete address, and we will gladly send you a
documentation showing the diversity of Match Software fonts. You can
already find a pretty good representation of our offering, on our web
site :

Q : You must provide thorough phone hot line support for any brand and
type of computer. If Adobe and others can, why not you ? You should be
able to be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week !

A : We are sorry, with our small operation, not to be able to compete
with giants who see more money in 10 minutes than we may be able to earn
in one year. However, our prices are lower beyond comparison. That is
also because you are not paying for million dollars advertisement, and
plethoric staffs. Besides, we are prepared to fix glitches if any, and
gladly accept advises from our customers. Remember, however, that a font
is somewhat equivalent to a bumper sticker to an automobile. Please do
not ask us to solve the problems generated by your system, no more than
you would think about requiring driving lessons from a stickers
publisher. We do our best for our fonts to work properly on STANDARD
configurations, including STANDARD printers, STANDARD system versions,
STANDARD applications, when our fonts are installed through STANDARD
procedures. All that said, we do want to help you benefit from our
software products. You can contact us by phone at (213) 656-4244, and
leave a message on the voice mail if unfortunately we where not able to
answer immediately. You can also reach us at any of our e-mail addresses.

Q : In your Martian font, you placed a dot above the glipnol character,
and forgot to put an accent above the weirdoo. It is unforgettable. I am
furious and you are just as stupid as a bunch of lunar dogs ! You should
be whipped, and give me my money back, too, plus maybe a little extra,
because I suffered incredible damage to my much sophisticated sense of
intellectual properness and inherent graceful sophistication.

A : We are sorry not to know Martian as well as such a refined literate
as your highness. Please do not blow your desintegrator at us, poor
ridiculous clumsy uneducated filthy computer groomers. More seriously,
please consider that ignorance may not be such a crime, after all, and
have mercy for the less taught. We all learn all our lives new concepts
and new ways. If for any reason we committed a mistake in transcribing
your native language, be assured it is not intentional. Please
courteously provide us with the proper information, and we will try to
make appropriate updates are made, if they are technically possible and
logical. All we know of, as humble and insignificant artisans, is the
fonts craftsmanship. It is not our fault, then, if the subtleties of a
foreign language do not strike us like light over the saint's head.
However, we are bending our knees to the more educated. Thank you for
helping us improve. At the present time, our foreign fonts have been
thoroughly review d, so they satisfy our customers. Some have helped
perfect already very nice fonts. But we will appreciate any additional
help ! Any report or suggestion is taken very seriously, and usualy
fixes are carried out through regular updates. All the more reason to
register, to be able to benefit from these improvements.

Q : When I use too many fonts, my printer crashes.

A : Try setting the option "Print TrueType fonts as graphics" in the
Windows Printer Control panel.

Q : Why do you ask for money for your fonts ? They should be free !

A : There is a strange curse around computer software, these days. Nobody
would ever consider getting a movie for nothing, or walking into a book
store and require a sample for free. For programs, however, the matter
is quite different. So many people consider computer software piracy as
a light little mistake, that eventually, some may indeed start
considering software authors as thieves, because they pretend to get a
small reward for their job. Some luminaries (noticeably around GNU
project, or some Internet ayatollahs) even have the nerve to play with
the very strange notion that computer software should only come free,
and that any commercial distribution, including shareware, has some
analogy to a rip-off. Fine and good, then, but why do they at the same
time insist to get paid for their conferencing, or to get royalties from
their books ? Match Software is a small business based on shareware
distribution. Anyone can browse at our productions in the same way a
reader could read book as many times and as completely as wished, before
actually paying for it. Please do not pirate us. If you feel a font is
really of use, please register. That small usage fee will help us
continue creating new original, exclusive and fine fonts for you. We
sincerely thank all users who have, through their registration, helped
pay the rent, the phone, and the electricity which powers our equipment
to create all these fonts. Please continue to support the shareware
concept. It is the only way out of the commercial monopolies. Small
software companies are as much a liberty warrant as small book
publishers are : without them, big companies would have their way,
culturally and financially. Nobody would ever want that to happen !

Match Software

8205 Santa Monica Blvd #1-205
West Hollywood, CA 90046-5912
(213) 656-4244
Internet : MatchSoft@aol.com
Compuserve : 73267,1701
America Online : MatchSoft

Acknoledgement : "Match Software" is intellectual property of Match
Software. All other intellectual properties, such as Trademark and Brand
Names mentionned in this document, belong to their respective holders.


If you got this font from a commercial shareware distributor, like
on-disk vendors, CD compilations or on-line service, the price you
eventually paid does not include usage licensing. Commercial distributors
charge you for their time spent in selecting, promoting and shipping the
shareware, or any other weird reason they might think of, but in no case
for usage fees. In other words, should you decide to use this font on
regular or publishing purposes, you still must acquire usage licensing by
registering, before doing so.

This applies especially to desktop publishing, or any kind of publishing.
If you should use this font in any publishing activity, you must
register, and also mention in the copyright notices name and origin of
the Match Software fonts you used. For instance "Halloween Match font
from Match Software".

Registering for this font is only $5. For that price, you acquire usage
licensing. Corporations must officially register under their own name,
and not the one of one of their executive. Usage licensing is not
transferable from one user to another, and you cannot grant others
permission to use the font you acquired usage licensing for yourself. For
instance, if you are a layout artist working as an employee for a given
corporation, and have previously registered under your name, the
corporation must still officially acquire it's own usage licensing for
any publication or otherwise purpose. However, should you decide to use
this font for any commercial or public purpose without prior
registration, you must be warned and agree we will seek a standard
punitive compensation of $10,000, plus all expenses necessitated by the
actions we will have to take to recover that sum, for each fraudulent
publication, in any competent courts of law. This to inform you, and
serve as a basic contract, sh uld you decide anyhow to use our
intellectual property without prior acquiring the proper license.
Commercial or public purpose stated here is meant as any kind of use of
this font for any publishing or otherwise activity, as for instance, but
not limited to, magazine and book publishing, advertisement, records
covers, posters, t-shirts, mugs and cups, caps, memorabilia, etc. Public
purpose means any kind of activity, including non-profit use of this
font, for any reason, which is addressed to the public. Match Software
reserves the right to donate usage licensing to non-profit organizations
on a case by case term, based on proper demands made by the mentioned
organizations. By using this font, you agree with the terms of the
present document.

Thank-you for complying with these simple rules. If you publish books or
any other intellectual creation, would they be records, software, videos
or any other creation, you probably want to get recognized for it. Please
do not deprive us from our small share of it, minuscule registration fee
included. Thank-you !


Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software before buying
it. If you try a Shareware program and continue using it, you are
expected to register. Individual programs differ on details -- some
request registration while others require it, some specify a maximum
trial period. With registration, you get anything from the simple right
to continue using the software to an updated program with printed manual.

Copyright laws apply to both Shareware and commercial software, and the
copyright holder retains all rights, with a few specific exceptions as
stated below. Shareware authors are accomplished programmers, just like
commercial authors, and the programs are of comparable quality. (In both
cases, there are good programs and bad ones!) The main difference is in
the method of distribution. The author specifically grants the right to
copy and distribute the software, either to all and sundry or to a
specific group. For example, some authors require written permission
before a commercial disk vendor may copy their Shareware (see chapter
"Distributors Welcome").

Shareware is a distribution method, not a type of software. You should
find software that suits your needs and pocketbook, whether it's
commercial or Shareware. The Shareware system makes fitting your needs
easier, because you can try before you buy. And because the overhead is
low, prices are low also. Shareware has the ultimate money-back guarantee
-- if you don't use the product, you don't pay for it.


Users of MATCH SOFTWARE FONTS & PROGRAMS must accept this disclaimer of
warranty : "MATCH SOFTWARE FONT / PROGRAM is supplied as is. The author
disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without
limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any
purpose. The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or
consequential, which may result from the use of MATCH SOFTWARE FONT /

These fonts/programs are "shareware program" and are provided at no
charge to the user for evaluation. Feel free to share it with your
friends, but please do not give it away altered or as part of another
system. The essence of "user-supported" software is to provide personal
computer users with quality software without high prices, and yet to
provide incentive for programmers to continue to develop new products. If
you find this program useful and find that you are using this font and
continue to use this font after a reasonable trial period, you must make
a registration payment to Match Software. See order form at the end of
this document.

This small fee is intended to pay for this font/program usage licensing.
It is agreed the user had plenty of time to evaluate it in any way he
wanted, and to decide to register for it. The fonts included with the
registered version of this font are indeed a complementary gift, and do
not constitute a new acquisition. It is understood user will not be
entitled for any money back, if for any reason he did not like one or
several of them.

This registration fee will license one copy for use on any one computer
at any one time. You must treat this software just like a book. An
example is that this software may be used by any number of people and may
be freely moved from one computer location to another, so long as there
is no possibility of it being used at one location while it's being used
at another. Just as a book cannot be read by two different persons at the
same time.


This font/program is shareware. You had all the time you wanted to
experiment with it in any way you wanted to, and for as long as you
wanted to, before deciding to register. It means you found it
satisfactory enough to pay the small usage fee.

Therefore, Match Software cannot accept any claim for money back, for any
reason, after you have decided to, and did register.

If for any reason the registered version of the font/program was provided
to you directly by Match Software on a defective media (disk), it will be
exchanged for a new one at no cost.

If you have suggestions for improving this font/program, we appreciate
your comments. It does not mean we will fix or modify the font in the way
you wish in a given time, or that we must do it in any way. However, if
we feel the suggestion is appropriate, next version of the font may be
inspired from these advises.

We decline any responsibility if for any reason this font/program is put
to bad use in any way. It worked fine on a regular configuration, and on
a regular printer, with the most usual software packages. If, for any
reason, it could not work on your specific configuration, Match Software
cannot be held responsible. As technical combinations are almost
infinite, and because systems evolve in ways we cannot predict, it might
happen a new system, or a particular configuration, does not work with a
font. For instance, because a new version of the system requires a new
font format. In general, we will try to keep up with the system versions,
and eventually offer upgrades, if possible, but it does not constitute an
obligation, nor would it be the case if you acquired a set of seats cover
for your specific car, and require they fit any new car you may decide to
buy later on.

Another bad use of a font/program may be generation of counterfeit
documents, or any kind of falsified printing or forgery. We decline any
responsibility in such and event. Please do not use our fonts/programs
for any illegal purpose.