MetroSlum created using Font Creator Program 3

By Eric Wiryanata. December 2006.

this font is design is a modification of my previous font called Djakarta,(Djakarta is the capital of Indonesia)
this is the alter ego MetroSlum
i also embed an .amr format of Sajama Cut's bootleg show that cover 'Goldheart mountain Tops' .. if you curious about Sajama Cut, go search them over at
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please do not sell this font, and if you wish to redistribute this font on magazines, CD-ROMs or websites,
you must leave the package intact with the same files you've found on the original,
1. the font itself.
2. this 'read first' note.
3. the thumbnail provided for this font.
4. the song

NOTE#1: This font is licensed as Freeware.
You may NOT ask/earn money with this font directly (e.g. by selling it)
but you're free to use it for commercial projects (logos, flyers, posters, etc...)
A credit or a link back to my site ( aren't required, but they are always appreciated.

Note#2: This typeface is ideal for logos and general design.
It isn't very suitable to be used with word-processors as it lacks some symbols and letters.
best use in Photoshop, with a Strong Formating for the fonts. also compatible with Mac OS.

NOTE#3: Thanks for downloading and using this font.